Lanzamiento del libro Whose Spain? Negotiating “Spanish Music” in Paris, 1908-1929

“In this book, Llano analyzes the socio-political discourses underpinning critical and musicological descriptions of ‘Spanish music’ and the discourse’s connection with French politics and culture. He also studies operas and other musical works for the stage as privileged sites for the production of Spanish musical identities, given the enhanced possibilities of performance for cultural and critical engagement. The study covers the period 1908 to 1929, when representations of ‘Spanish music’ in the writings of the hispaniste Henri Collet and other French musicians underwent several transformations, mostly sparked by the need to reformulate French identity during and after the First World War. Ultimately, Llano demonstrates that definitions of ‘French’ and ‘Spanish’ music were to some extent interdependent, and that the public performances of these pieces even helped the musical community in France to begein to reformulate their notions of ‘Spanish music’ and identity.”

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