Performing Exotica, Norient Academic Online Journal (revista, CFP)

This call for the 3rd volume of the Norient Academic Online Journal (NAOJ) aims to explore representations of otherness that have emerged in the 21st century. Through what Wayne Marshall (2007) labels “global ghettotech” a new generation of musics drawing on local traditions, electronic dance music and other forms of popular music have emerged. The submitted articles should discuss these contemporary renderings of exoticism and discuss them from “local”, “transnational”, “political”, post-colonial”, “economical” or other perspectives. What questions of representation do these cultural products generate? How do contemporary musicians from outside the Euro-American centers play on previous representations of the “other”? Who are they aimed at? What role do global migration patterns play? How do these musical representation incorporate tonal, rhythmic and harmonic structures foreign to the dominant Euro-American foundation of popular music? How has the internet and social media influenced these developments? What are the technological challenges?

Parallel to the thematic call that will result in the third issue of the NAOJ we also welcome ethnographic articles on popular musics from around the world.

Articles can be submitted in any language the editors can read (currently English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Russian, Dutch, Esperanto) but must include an abstract in either English or German.

Please submit your abstracts to journal_submission at

Tentative schedule
June 30th, 2013: Deadline for abstracts (maximum 200 words)
October 1st, 2013: Deadline for articles (maximum 6.000 words, Chicago Manual of Style with the author-date system and endnotes)
Spring 2014: Articles published.

More information here.