Musical and Other Cultural Responses to Political Violence in Latin America (congreso, CFP)

This interdisciplinary conference will explore functions played by music and other cultural expressions in contexts of political violence in Latin America. The event is part of the Levehulme project ‘Sounds of Memory: Music and Political Captivity in Pinochet’s Chile’ at the University of Manchester. We welcome proposals from any area of the humanities and social sciences, particularly those dealing with anniversaries or events relating to state violence taking place in 2013, including the fortieth anniversary of the onset of the Chilean and Uruguayan dictatorships, the fifteenth anniversary of Pinochet’s detention in London, the genocide sentence against former Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt and the death of the Argentinean ‘Dirty War’ criminal Jorge Rafael Videla. Papers prompting reflection on processes of memorialisation and reconciliation, as well as the continuing legacies of past regimes and those who opposed them, will be especially welcome.

Papers should last no longer than 20 minutes, including audio and visual illustrations. Abstracts of 250–300 words should be sent to the conference organiser by 15 August 2013. Speakers will be notified of their acceptance or otherwise by 1st September.

Lugar: Universidad de Manchester

Fecha: 6 de diciembre de 2013

Contacto: Katia Chornik (